Michael Jordan's Love for Lusitanian Cigars

When we think of Michael Jordan, we immediately picture him as the basketball legend who dominated the NBA during the 1990s. But there's more to this iconic figure than just his basketball prowess. One of his lesser-known passions is his love for cigars, particularly large Lusitanian cigars. In this blog post, we'll explore Michael Jordan's affinity for these cigars and why they have become his favorite indulgence.


The Love Affair with Cigars

Michael Jordan's love for cigars isn't just a recent development. It has been a part of his lifestyle for many years. Whether celebrating a victory, unwinding after a game, or socializing with friends, cigars have been a constant companion in his life. Among his collection of cigars, the Lusitanian stands out as his absolute favorite.

What Makes Lusitanian Cigars Special?

Size Matters: Michael Jordan is known for his larger-than-life personality, and it's no surprise that he enjoys large cigars. Lusitanian cigars, with their robust size and long, satisfying smoke, perfectly complement his larger-than-life persona.

Complex Flavors: Lusitanian cigars are renowned for their complex flavor profiles. They offer a rich and indulgent experience, featuring notes of earthiness, spices, and a subtle sweetness. Jordan's refined palate undoubtedly appreciates the intricate flavors these cigars offer.

A Moment to Savor: Smoking a Lusitanian cigar isn't just about the act itself; it's about taking a moment to savor life's finer pleasures. For someone as busy and successful as Michael Jordan, these cigars provide a rare opportunity to slow down and enjoy the journey.

Six Cigars a Day?

You might be wondering how someone could possibly smoke six cigars a day without any adverse effects. It's important to note that Michael Jordan is known for his intense workout routines and discipline. He has always been committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While indulging in cigars might seem contradictory, it's his way of balancing the demands of his high-pressure career with moments of relaxation and enjoyment.

The Ritual

For Michael Jordan, smoking a Lusitanian cigar is a ritual. It's a way for him to unwind, reflect, and connect with friends and colleagues. Whether he's on the golf course or at a social event, you can often spot him with a cigar in hand, enjoying the camaraderie that comes with sharing a smoke.


Michael Jordan's love for Lusitanian cigars is a testament to his appreciation for life's finer pleasures. It's a reminder that even the busiest and most successful individuals can find solace and relaxation in the simple act of enjoying a cigar. So, the next time you see the GOAT with a Lusitanian in hand, remember that it's not just about the smoke; it's about savoring the moment and celebrating life's victories, big or small.

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